From Kathryn Ross, TIES Faculty

Chaos and Creativity "Every single morning we have the choice to be open to the creativity of chaos, open to the world around us, open to the possibility that we can make our lives afresh...” ~John Briggs & F. David Peat, The Seven Life Lessons of Chaos Chaos...

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From John Fowler, TIES Faculty

Where I live there are so many glimpses in the air, glimpses of Autumn in the changing gold and red aspen leaves and glimpses of Winter peeking down to dust the distant 14,000-foot-high peaks in the gentle whites of snow. There are glimpses of the future. National and...

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From The Desk of Dr. Gang

Preparing And Questioning There is a sweet tension during the week before school begins. I have been working with children and adults as teachers-learners for 42 years and that last week of preparation has always been embedded in the tension, sometimes not so sweetly....

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Aarthi Talks TIES

2017 graduate Aarthi Nandakumar shared her TIES experience with us at graduation. Thank you Aarthi! click thumbnail below to play video.

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