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2017 Global Symposium: An exploratory online dialogue with 17 Earth-conscious pioneers over 17 days


Inspiring Hope for Teaching and Learning in a

Sustainable World

January 21 – February 7, 2016

TIES has been a pioneer in dialogue-based online education since 1993

The conference-symposium recognizes the contributions of many who share the vision for a sustainable planet. In particular, we recognize the contributions of 20th century mystics, Maria Montessori and Thomas Berry. Thomas Berry’s call for a New Earth Community and Maria Montessori’s vision for the New Human, both emanate from the belief that education is the only reliable way forward to change the current paradigm.
During this 17-day event, presenters share their ideas on how to nurture the seeds for an Earth recovery. The possibilities are here; our actions today will create the future tomorrow.

Questions participants can explore include:


  • What contexts lead to a deeper understanding of humanity’s relationship to the natural systems that sustain us?
  • In what ways does integrative learning seamlessly weave content and process?
  • How is heart wisdom and creativity expressed in the teaching-learning environment?
  • In what ways does the practice of dialogue empower participants in a learning community?
In Thomas Berry’s The Great Work he explains, “Our special role, which we will hand on to our children, is that of managing the arduous transition from the terminal Cenozoic to the emerging Ecozoic Era, the period when humans will be present to the planet as participating members of the comprehensive Earth community.

This is our great work.

We choose Ecozoic in contrast to the Anthropozoic that is in common use today.

Earth must be the primary concern of every human institution, profession, program and activity. ~Thomas Berry
Earth is a one-time endowment. ~Thomas Berry
Education in the true sense is the understanding of oneself. ~J. Krishnamurti

How Educating in the Ecozoic Conference Works

Participants from around the world access the conference at a time that is convenient for their own schedule and time zone. Once inside the forum(s) presenters and participants engage in direct dialogue in each six-day long symposium.

January 21 – 22

Attendees begin creating the learning community while exploring the conference site.

January 23 – 28

Session One Symposia

January 29 – 30

Touchstone Experiences and Reflections

January 31 – February 5

Session Two Symposia

February 6 – 7

Touchstone Experiences and Reflections

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