Coming in 2019:

Prague, Czech Republic
Oslo, Norway
Seattle, North America


with facilitator Philip Snow Gang, PhD

The symposium focuses on social change through Montessori education. We will work together in a Montessori way to process and document how Montessori teaching and learning respond to the question:

What contexts and processes in education might liberate teachers and learners so that they become catalysts for the new human — one whose integral relationship with Gaia is bound by right-action and love?

Together let’s explore the spiritual roots of Montessori’s ideas and share how these can manifest in our work with children and adults.

June, 1982
Soon after Mario Montessori Sr. passed away, I receive a letter from his widow Ada explaining, “I only feel that Mario had the real gift for pointing out the essence, and I am afraid people may lose themselves in the details.”



Date: Thursday, August 15, 2019
Time: Four hour afternoon gathering
Location: Montessori Children’s House, Redmond, WA

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(past) Prague:

Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2019.
Time: 4-8 PM
Location: International Montessori School of Prague
Hrudičkova 2107/16 Praha 148 00 Czech Republic

(past) Oslo:

Wednesday April 24, 2019
Montessoriskolen Lyse, 2nd floor.

video interview with

mario montessori jr.

When I get caught up in daily details, it is the essence of Montessori which routes me back to ensure [her] vision for the child, for humanity and for the future. Participating in Dr. Gang’s symposium solidified my understanding of Montessori’s work and our work with young people. The essence of Montessori’s principles is not only for the development of the child; the essence also applies to the development of the adult. Attending this event is a treasure that will last a lifetime.


~Claudia, President of CAMT

Most books, workshops and talks about social change tell the reader/participant what the author/presenter ideally hopes they will come away thinking and believing. Our work together will be a collective response as we explore the roots that brought each of us to the Montessori way.

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Philip Snow Gang, PhD

Academic Dean, The Institute for Educational Studies


Philip Snow Gang, Ph.D., Academic Dean of The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) M. Ed. Programs at Endicott College in Integrative Learning and Montessori Integrative Learning, is a pioneer in the field of integrative, systemic and transformative approaches to education.

For more about Dr. Gang, please visit his personal website:

Philip is a Montessori historian who has been a conduit with three generations of the Montessori family as well as close colleagues with Maria Montessori from before WWII.

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