A Special Webinar Event

Giving Back Montessori to Montessori

These special events took place on 11/12/2022 and 12/3/2023. The global Montessori community participated in Zoom dialogues with Dr. Philip Snow Gang, Academic Dean of TIES and Montessori Historian.

An archive video of each Zoom will soon be available for viewing. Thanks for your patience.


  • experienced the totality of Montessori’s lifelong contributions and enriched their understanding of her life’s mission.
  • encorporated the wisdom underscoring the Montessori approach while working with children and speaking with other adults: teachers, administrators, teachers in training, and the general public.

Embracing the vision of Maria Montessori, including rare glimpses into revelations gleaned during her years in India, this presentation explores Montessori’s lifelong exponential realizations that lead to the question: What form of education might liberate teachers and learners from unexplored assumptions so that they can become the catalysts for the “new human” — one whose integral relationship with Gaia is bound by right-action and love?


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  • Application deadline is December 15th.
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