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TIES’ Master’s studies delve into myriad philosophies in the areas of ecology, integrative learning, cosmic education, ethics, systems thinking, and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

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Education 2000: A holistic Perspective

The seminal publication on the holistic education movement
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What students are saying…

This last semester has been an explosion of new vocabulary, and many ideas that are completely new to me. I am still grappling with how to wrap my mind around it all, and maybe more interesting to me is how you effectively use such a seemingly large construct to make sense of something efficiently and effectively.


~Nora Stuart Faris, Cohort 2020

Wheatley’s focus on living systems and holism highlights the fact that we must develop a different set of skills and new understandings, allowing us to see the whole as a complex system and using that knowledge as a guide for relating to each other. The idea of seeing the whole is a concept that has been explored and emphasized through our two TIES seminars, from chaos theory, to ecological literacy, to educational theories and more. The question is how to shift our thinking into this direction.

~Pherooz Kerani, Gradute 2019

Once one takes on the essence of integrative learning, it’s like breathing…somehow every insight, every discovery, every decision, and every action becomes part of the process. It seeps into one’s family; it flows into one’s work; it works itself into one’s dreams. Transformation becomes inevitable. Change becomes the only constant. There is only the now. An awakening occurs. And nothing is ever the same, again. It encourages passion and creativity, imagination and self-awareness, and when done with GROKING and dialoguing and questioning…it is only that much more profound.

~Tanis Elliot, Graduate 2019

The History of TIES

How did The Institute for Educational Studies begin and evolve?

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