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Journey to Sacred Montessori

In December of 2017, TIES hosted an online symposium where participants dialogued about the sacred side of Montessori. We launched the symposium with the following video.

One excerpt reads:

Love is a verb. Many of our nouns when used as a verb, give it movement – life. All of the human tendencies Montessori expressed as nouns: exploration, order, imagination, perfection, etc. How different it is when you say exploring, ordering, imagining, perfecting. The thing-ness dissipates and the verb lives as ongoing process.


Academic dean and TIES co-founder Philip Snow Gang shares his insights into “sacred Montessori”.

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A Traveling Montessori Workshop

A Traveling Montessori Workshop

Montessori: The Essence

A traveling workshop with Dr. Gang.

Dr. Philip Snow Gang, TIES’ founder and director is journeying to Europe where he is facilitating his workshop Montessori: The Essence in Prague and Oslo. This workshop is participatory and dialogue based. In introducing the material, Dr. Gang shares his experience speaking directly with Mario Montessori Sr. at the International Study Conference.

So, if you would like to attend one of the pre-scheduled events, please check out the workshop page. And, if you are interested in hosting this Montessori workshop in your area, please contact Philip directly.

One participant writes:

When I get caught up in daily details, it is the essence of Montessori which routes me back to ensure [her] vision for the child, for humanity and for the future. Participating in Dr. Gang’s symposium solidified my understanding of Montessori’s work and our work with young people. The essence of Montessori’s principles is not only for the development of the child; the essence also applies to the development of the adult. Attending this event is a treasure that will last a lifetime.

~Claudia, President of CAMT

To summarize his lifelong journey in education, Dr. Gang presents a question:

What contexts and processes in education might liberate teachers and learners so that they become catalysts for the new human — one whose integral relationship with Gaia is bound by right-action and love?

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